We service the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Sea to Sky Corridor in British Columbia

Inspection Service Area

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Our customer service agents and inspectors are located in multiple offices across Vancouver and Whistler. If you’d like to meet us, arrange a time by contacting us at 604-351-0428 or info@wolfpackhomeinspection.com

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Our main office is located in downtown Vancouver with inspectors throughout the lower mainland

Vancouver is located in coastal temperate rainforest—we might not like to admit it, however, it does rain here—much more so than even an hour or two’s drive north or east. Observing the building envelope for higher risk details takes an experienced eye, particularly on a sunny summer day. For those homes located where there is a bit more elevation, our experience inspecting in Whistler results in WolfPack home inspectors being better versed in inspecting for snow considerations. We ask the right questions. Will the roof shed snow in a dangerous manner? Is there a driveway snow melt system? And many more to ensure we identify any issues you should know about.

Single Family Home and Townhome Inspections

When you buy a single family home, you are almost always responsible for the entire property and buildings. We want to identify the current condition of the home AND to help identify future issues that may be avoided with proper maintenance. We have expertise in new construction as well as all the vintages and styles dating back to Vancouver’s oldest homes constructed around 1900. Older homes have typically been updated or modified – we will advise you on the condition as well as safety considerations and solutions. We want you to live happily ever after in your new home (or for at least as long as you want to!)

Townhome and Condominium/Apartment Inspections

With a strata property, there is unit entitlement (what you have sole responsibility for) and common and limited common property (you share ownership and responsibility with your other owners). We will take a close look at all the unit entitlement according to our standards of inspection. We will look at and comment on those components that are directly connected to your unit (eg siding and windows) however may not be able to inspect entire common area systems such as roofs where not accessible. Strata properties typically have Depreciation Reports or Engineers Reports and your Wolf Pack Home Inspector is please to read through the building related reports and advise you generally what is stated (we help you interpret the report). In Vancouver, the leaky condo crisis is considered to have occurred from early 1980s through 1999. We will look for higher risk materials, design and details as well as identify if property has been partially or fully rain-screened.


We service all properties in the Sea to Sky Corridor all the way to Pemberton

WolfPack Home Inspection has been conducting inspections in Whistler and all along the Sea to Sky corridor since 1993. Climate conditions in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton vary from those in the Greater Vancouver area and local knowledge is key. Heavy snowfall is often followed by rain bringing a different set of issues to consider when looking at purchasing a property in this area. Wolfpack Home Inspectors have years of experience living, working (and playing) in the corridor and are trained to look for unique local conditions such as whether snow might shed dangerously from a roof in Whistler or which areas of Pemberton and Squamish will likely have some mould presence in the attic even if there is the recommended amount of ventilation.

Townhouse and Condominium/Apartment Inspections

WolfPack inspectors have inspected almost every development in the area and are familiar with their history of maintenance. We understand the differences between minor surface mould resulting from heavy occupancy factors in a rental unit and the signs of more serious mould indicating a major building envelope issue/defect. We will ask about your intended use and can make suggestion to help you spend more time enjoying your Whistler property and less time maintaining it.

Single Family Home Inspections

Where are the gutters? Whistler’s not so fluffy powder will remove gutters regularly when sliding off a roof so the majority of homes in Whistler do not have gutters. We pay particular attention to details and building envelope that might be affected by splashing rain water. Snow sliding from the roof can also be a safety concern─something WolfPack’s home inspectors are trained to inspect for, even in sunny August when the only snow is up on the glacier. Familiarity with plumbing, heat trace and driveway snow melt systems also separates our inspectors from the typical Vancouver inspector who just doesn’t see these systems. Whether this will be your full time residence or your recreational retreat, we can make recommendations that will allow you enjoy your home more and reduce your risk and worry.